June 21st - June 26th, 2002


     I had done the Bike Virginia tour in 1993 (solo), 1996, 1997, and 1998 (tandem).  While it is a well organized tour, it has a habit of running during the first heat wave of the year, and we had toured several different areas of the state, so we decided we'd try some new tours and skip Bike Virginia in the future.  In 1999 we weren't able to take a tandem tour, in 2000 we went to Yellowstone, and in 2001 we rode the Bon Ton Roulet.

     This year's Bike Virginia was the 15th anniversary of the ride, and they were returning to southwest Virginia where I had gone on my first Bike VA in 1993.   They were also promising to make this an extra special tour for the anniversary.  When I heard that the tour was returning to Wytheville, VA, which I still have very fond memories of from visiting there in 1993, we decided it was time to try Bike Virginia again.

     As it had been for the last several years, this ride was a loop, beginning and ending this year in Radford, VA.  Also for the past several years ago they had included a layover day where the ride would stay in the same town and riders had the option of not riding or riding loops of various lengths.  This year they were doing two layovers.  As a result, we would only be going to three towns, and we would only have to set up our tents three times during the five days of riding.

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