Bon Ton Roulet

July 2006

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     We returned for our 6th year in a row riding the Bon Ton Roulet tour in July 2006.  Below are maps and elevation profiles for the 2006 ride.  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

The blue & red route profiles were generated with a Ciclosport HAC-4 bike computer.   They show barometric altitude and percent grade.  

Each day is on a different scale.  

The red vertical lines mark the rest stops. 

The green & blue elevation charts and  maps were recorded using a Garmin Quest GPS unit.  The GPS elevation charts are all on the same scale. 
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Some of the extreme percent grade indications are errors the HAC4 records when starting and stopping. 

Day 1 - Auburn to Canandaigua

2006bo31.jpg (69773 bytes)   2006bo32.jpg (49997 bytes)     wpe1BC.jpg (113519 bytes)
The center vertical markers on the HAC4 chart mark the 'bonus' miles in Geneva from taking a wrong turn where there was a cue for day 4.



Day 2 - Canandaigua to Naples

2006bo25.jpg (73568 bytes)     2006bo33.jpg (56243 bytes)     2006bo19.jpg (89326 bytes)



 Day 3 - Naples to Dundee

2006bo39.jpg (69087 bytes)     2006bo38.jpg (51090 bytes)     2006bo21.jpg (88848 bytes)


Day 4 - Dundee to Watkins Glen

2006bo26.jpg (64845 bytes)   2006bo34.jpg (50830 bytes)        2006bo22.jpg (109370 bytes)


 Day 5 - Watkins Glen short loop

2006bo27.jpg (63646 bytes)     2006bo36.jpg (47807 bytes)     2006bo23.jpg (64663 bytes)


 Day 6 - Watkins Glen to Virgil

2006bo28.jpg (69913 bytes)     2006bo37.jpg (51000 bytes)     wpe2A3.jpg (111186 bytes)


 Day 7 - Virgil to Auburn (no GPS track for day 7)

2006bo29.jpg (69368 bytes)