Thursday Night
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PedalPA02 066

PedalPA02 066 íMas Margaritas Por Favor!
PedalPA02 067

PedalPA02 067The Pedal PA staff... Pat, Joe, Fred, and Bill

PedalPA02 068

PedalPA02 068 First Century Crew
PedalPA02 072

PedalPA02 072The Chef And His First Assistant

PedalPA02 073

PedalPA02 073One Of Their Creations
PedalPA02 074

PedalPA02 074It Almost Looks Too Good To Eat....... Almost

PedalPA02 075

PedalPA02 075Caty and Pat

PedalPA02 076

PedalPA02 076 Does Anyone Have The Name Of The Band?
PedalPA02 079

PedalPA02 079íNo Mas Margaritas!

PedalPA02 080

PedalPA02 080 Everybody Dance Now
PedalPA02 081

PedalPA02 081Ok, Everybody Stop Dancing Now

PedalPA02 084

PedalPA02 084Except Joe and Caty
PedalPA02 085

PedalPA02 085Go Joe!

PedalPA02 086

PedalPA02 086Someone check his pulse
PedalPA02 087

PedalPA02 087Am I including too many dance pictures?  I don't think Joe will think so.

PedalPA02 088

PedalPA02 088 Anyone else jealous?
PedalPA02 089

PedalPA02 089He didn't ride a century today... where did she get the energy?

PedalPA02 090

PedalPA02 090 Scott's turn.
PedalPA02 091

PedalPA02 091Closing Down The Bar


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