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102600 Piine Lake 1.jpg (357958 bytes)

Pine Lake in Autumn

102600 Pine Lake 2.jpg (515897 bytes)

Pine Lake in Autumn

wpe7.jpg (19573 bytes)

Ice Storm

wpeB.jpg (13948 bytes)

Sea World - Orlando, FL

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062300 closeup of rodent on trail.jpg (50833 bytes)

Near Jenny Lake - Jackson, WY

wpe9.jpg (24157 bytes)

Ice Storm

062000 Tetons 3.jpg (326469 bytes)

Grand Tetons

062300 Old faithful blue pool.jpg (333046 bytes)

Blue Star Pool at Old Faithful, Yellowstone NP

062200 bison herd.jpg (191951 bytes)

Bison in Yellowstone NP

052600_1st_rose.jpg (47482 bytes)


sunset.jpg (37639 bytes)

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

090702_002.JPG (41150 bytes)

Rose of Sharon

090702_005.JPG (32138 bytes)

Bumble Bee

Praying_mantis_5_092902.JPG (25029 bytes)

Praying Mantis

photo61.jpg (42585 bytes)


Lillies_12-25-02_005.jpg (39793 bytes)



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